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Rumors about Angular Cheilitis Contagious Disease -Ruining Relationships

Have you heard of rumors about Angular Cheilitis contagious disease? The affliction actually consists of symptoms such as cracked mouth corners, splits or lesions on the lips, redness, swelling, and chapped lips. Though this might come as a surprise to others, there have already been many relationships in the past ruined by the rumors that said Angular Cheilitis contagious disease.
What fuels these terrifying rumors is the fact that these symptoms are actually similar to those symptoms of AIDS, cold sore, and syphilis. This is the reason why people would really tease you.

Moreover, there are people who do not know how to keep themselves from rudely staring at you and your wounded mouth and lips, there are even some who would call you names or talk behind your back. Frustrating, huh?

When you start withdrawing from your once active social life because you have been branded to have Angular Cheilitis contagious disease, this could mean that you are already putting your relationships with other people at risk. Facing your friends is different from talking to them plainly on the phone. Thus, you need to get out and care less about how people would stare at you and tease you about your mouth and lip wounds. This way, your life would not suffer and your relationships will not be destroyed or affected in any negative way. Rumors only deserve to be flushed so they will not continue to harm your most valued relationships.

Do not be afraid because the truth of the matter is that Angular Cheilitis is not contagious. Medical science has proven this and there is absolutely no reason for you not to trust it. Go out and have fun; nothing should stop you from enjoying your life, not even Angular Cheilitis contagious rumors. Find a treatment and go on with your normal life.

Cracked Mouth Corners in Angular Cheilitis - The Reasons Why They Occur

Cracked mouth corners are indications of a skin disorder that in scientific field is known as Angular Cheilitis. It is also better known as a skin ailment causing ulcerations on the sides of the mouth due to bacterial or fungal infection. Though cheilitis problem is not serious and fatal, the cracks on the corners of the mouth can be very painful and bleed whenever the mouth is opened. The main cause of having cracked mouth corners is the accumulation of saliva on the labial commissures or sides of the mouth. Due to the collected saliva on that mouth area, bacteria and fungi can build up and therefore can cause skin infection which is Angular Cheilitis.

Elderly people are very prone to having cracked mouth corners because they are the ones who are most likely to use dentures. Angular Cheilitis can be caused by ill-fitting dentures which gives the mouth the tendency to over close. The result of this is that through time skin folds will develop on the sides of the mouth which in turn becomes the place for saliva accumulation and where the infection can develop.

Cracked mouth corners can also be caused by drooling during sleeping and constant licking of the lips. People who have dry and irritated lips have the habit of constantly moistening their lips by licking them. However, this is an unhealthy practice because saliva is full of bacteria and constant licking will only create a moistened environment that is conditioned for the development of the infection.

Other causes of Angular Cheilitis are dermatitis and allergies to cosmetics and toothpastes. Deficiency on vitamins is also one of the most common causes of cheilitis skin disorder. According to studies, people without appropriate amounts of vitamins B2, B3, B6, and B12 on their bodies are those that are most prone into having Angular Cheilitis because lack of B vitamins causes the weakening of the immune system therefore making the body’s healing process to slow down.

Treat Sore at the Corner of the Mouth

Are you experiencing annoying and discomforting sores at the corner of your mouth? You are not alone. Usually affecting the mouth area bilaterally, a person with sores at the corner of the mouth is most probably suffering from a type of skin inflammation called Angular Cheilitis. Now, there is no need to worry too much since it is not some kind of fatal condition. However, it brings discomfort to the activities of the mouth and embarrassment due to the lesions. Another thing you need to know about this disease is that it is not transmittable or communicable, although people who are not aware about it would initially think it can be transmitted.

More often, sores at the corner of the mouth break out with the onset of the cold season. Most people tend to have lower and weaker immune system during a cold temperature. Bacteria during this time stay dormant but remain to be present on the affected area until such time the immune system response is weakened and so bacterial growth starts.

Doctors prescribe antibiotics and antibacterial medication such as hydrocortisone to reduce the inflammation but this does not guarantee effectiveness since the hydrocortisone only has 1% cortisone content. These creams and antibiotics only provide temporary relief but the lesions are prone to being triggered again once the wounds crack open from the movements of the mouth.

Angular Cheilitis actually heals on its own, but will take time especially if no remedy is used. It is chronic, so do not expect that the infection will completely go away from the system. If there are triggers that may cause pathogens to attack again, the inflammation will again occur. If you do not want to get sores at the corner of your mouth, take the necessary preventive measures and always keep a proper hygiene.

Cheilitis Mouth Infection – Who are Prone to This Condition?

Cheilitis mouth infection is still an ongoing study and the medical field is still figuring out whether the cracks are due to the presence of fungi or bacteria in the mouth area or the cracks happened first before fungi or bacteria infected these cracks and started the infection- like the chicken and egg dilemma. However, one thing is really sure and this is the fact that Cheilitis mouths involve the presence of bacteria or fungi.

Once Cheilitis mouth infection starts to spread, you should be prepared to handle painful fissures on your mouth corners and even on the lips. As a result, you can expect that you can keep your kisses to yourself for the meantime while you are still sporting those mouth rashes. When people would see your wounds, you cannot blame them for getting away from you to as far as what they would treat as a distance safe enough for them. Cheilitis mouth infection can really cause not only physical pain and discomfort but they can also put your social life in jeopardy. This is because you would be scared to get out and face the people even with makeup on.

There are certain groups of people who are really prone to having Cheilitis mouth and they would include:

1. People who already have chapped lips but still cannot let go of the habit of not licking these lips in order to keep the area dry. Soon enough, Angular Cheilitis would occur and the simple act of licking your lips would even be painful to accomplish.
2. People wearing ill-fitting dentures. With the dentures on, the tendency is to salivate and this would serve as breeding grounds for bacteria that will trigger the disease.
3. People who eat unhealthy foods. These are people who lack iron and vitamins. Thus, you have to start eating healthy now or you can risk losing your appetite when you already have cracked lips.
4. People who have hypothyroidism and diabetes mellitus.

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Cracked Corners of Mouth in Angular Cheilitis - How To Prevent Them

Tips to Prevent Cracked Corners of Mouth

Have you ever heard of stories told by people who have suffered from Angular Cheilitis before? Did you know that you would need to go through such a traumatic social shunning experience when some people will find out that you have cracked corner of mouth? If you do not want to experience the trauma that the others felt, you should protect yourself by knowing some tips on how to prevent cracked corners of mouth.

1. Go to your dentist and keep a regular appointment for re-fitting of your dentures. Your dentist might be one of the people who may detect if you have Angular Cheilitis because they would get to open your mouth every once in a while. Re-fitting is needed since there are times when your dentures would not allow your mouth to open widely. These unopened folds would serve as breeding grounds for bacteria that will cause cracked corners of mouth. Properly fitted dentures would allow proper mouth opening and thus, no folds that would keep bacteria breeding.

2. Kick out the habit of licking your lips. This will further the infection on your mouth and lips. Instead of isolating the infection in one corner alone, you would be spreading the infection where you have licked your tongue.

3. Stop putting contaminated things into your mouth or even biting them. Stop biting your nails since you are not a kid anymore. You also have to avoid using your pen as your grown-up feeding bottle. To cure this, you may need to put anti-nail biting solution into your nails.

4. Maintain a balanced diet. This is the part where you will strengthen your immune system so that you would not have cracked corners of mouth in the first place. When your body can still fight the infection, you would not have any problems at all.

How to Treat Angular Cheilitis Causes

Ways on How to Treat Angular Cheilitis based on Different Causes

The condition of having chapped lips, dry mouth, and wounded corners of the mouth are evident symptoms of having Angular Cheilitis that you need to cure as soon as possible. You should remember that though you are not trying to be judgmental, one’s face can be such a huge investment in almost anything. This should serve as your call to look for ways on how to treat Angular Cheilitis. One more thing that you can base your research on is the fact that like any doctor’s diagnosis, the cause of the disease will be used as the basis in determining the appropriate treatment to use or take.

If you are truly interested to know how to treat Angular Cheilitis, you should know the different possible causes that will guide you as to what would be the best treatment option for you. If you want to make sure that you will arrive on the correct diagnosis, you can always go to a dermatologist who can tell you the probable cause of your affliction. Then, you would know exactly how to treat Angular Cheilitis. These different causes of the aforementioned disease and the appropriate treatment for each would be:

1. Yeast infection at the external corners of the mouth
Your doctors might give you topical antifungal steroid medications. These medications are meant to give temporary relief to the sufferer. These will also serve to reduce itchiness, inflammation, and redness of the lips.

2. Cracked lips
Hydrate your body by drinking lots of water. Applying moisture from the outside would not help much. However, Vaseline or lip balm may also provide temporary relief from the pain.

3. Ill-fitting dentures
Consult with your dentist in order to adjust your dentures.

4. Bacterial infection
If this is identified as the cause, one way that you can find an answer on how to treat Angular Cheilitis would be to take antibiotic medication and to apply antifungal cream on the affected areas.

Chronic Angular Cheilitis - How To Stop It

Stop the Painful Cycle of Chronic Angular Cheilitis

A cycle is a chain of events that goes on and on in a never-ending manner. Having chronic Cheilitis would mean that you would have to bear the pain every time you would go through each single turn in the cycle. If you do not want to keep hurting yourself, you should be able to warm up to the positive thought that you would eventually be able to find a solution that would stop the pain.

The experience of chronic Cheilitis would not only leave you some scars on your mouth in severe cases from those nasty cuts on your lips and mouth that you left untouched and unhealed for quite a long time. Having undergone life as a chronic Cheilitis patient, you would know how exactly one would feel when they open their mouth to eat, drink, laugh or even talk. Doing these regular things would be so painful on your part that you would not feel like participating in your routine activities anymore. Thus, you would not only be able to change your personality due to the fact that your social life changes due to Chronic Cheilitis but the affliction will also seemingly suck the life out of you.

If you do not want to live a boring and painful year you should find some treatments that would stop the painful cycle of the Cheilitis experience once and for all. You do not have to feel the need to hide your face from the curious stares of those people whom you meet on the streets and many other public places. Your efforts to conceal the sores in your mouth would not last long and soon, your secret will be discovered. Go to online forums now or do a bit of research on your own to find out how you can get rid of Cheilitis.